Transfer Music From iPhone To Mac

The problem with streaming music over services such as Spotify is that the internet isn't always available. It can also be a pain to download files directly to your desktop. Luckily, you can simply transfer pre-downloaded songs from your iPhone to your Mac.

Built-In iPhone Feature

If you don't want to download a separate file, there's a solution for that. Apple has developed a built-in feature to transfer data, including audio from your iPhone. You need a charging cable for this as well. The step-by-step guide is below.

  1. Connect your iPhone to Mac using the cable.
  2. Go to the "Finder."
  3. Select your phone's name on the sidebar.
  4. Choose the music option.
  5. Click on "Sync music onto (your iPhones name)."
  6. Also, select "Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres."
  7. Tap on the individual files you want to transfer.
  8. Select "Automatically fill free space with songs."
  9. Click Apply. Your music is now synced.


The first method is using an app "Dr.Fone." It allows the management of files on your iPhone using any computer. It's completely free and only requires you to have your charging cable. Here is how to do it.

Download Dr.Fone

  1. Click on the Apple logo on the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Select "System Preferences."
  3. Choose the Security option.
  4. Tap on the padlock at the bottom right-hand corner of the window.
  5. Make sure the "Allow apps download from App Store and identified developers" option is turned on.
  6. Go to your browser and click here.
  7. Select the "Free Download option."
  8. Open any browser of your choice and wait for the file to install.
  9. Select the ".dmg" file on the home screen and drag the on-screen Dr.Fone icon to Applications.

Use Dr.Fone

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the charging cable.
  2. Open the installed application.
  3. Click on the "Phone Manager" area. A window will open.
  4. Choose the music section and delect the files you want to transfer.
  5. Select the "Export to PC option." as well as the storage location.
  6. The exporting process will start and your songs will have downloaded.

The same process can apply to other files like videos, photos, etc.

A similar process is used for other types of files.

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