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The Best iPhone Email App of 2017

The Best iPhone Email App of 2017

If you are like me, you’re overwhelmed with the plethora of choices for a single application on your iPhone. Microsoft Outlook, Unibox, Newton, Edison Mail, iOS Mail, and more! Where does it end? Today we trim these complexities down and find the end in which is the best fit for our needs. Let us begin our email journey.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft is a mainstay in the technology world and their email client, Outlook, is on the iPhone. One feature, syncing with an Office Outlook calendar, is superb. When I have an appointment, I simply put it in my calendar, and it appears on any phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, that I own.

It is always pleasant to have my office calendar remind me of an appointment that I booked with my phone. Microsoft programmed their app well, as it is fast. Actually, it does everything fast, outpacing the native iOS Mail by a noticeable margin.

Your eyes will be grateful, as Microsoft installed lovely fonts and colors to create a beautiful app. Integration with a number of file services, such as Dropbox, work very well. Oh, and it is free. There are a few drawbacks to this app.

One critical drawback is that there is no POP support. Compared to other clients here, the lack of a sleep feature is annoying. Some clients are minimalistic; Microsoft is not. Duplicated information, unnecessary tabs, and other such interface tribulations create a hate-love relationship with this app.


Unibox is a condenser. It lowered my crazy amount of emails by streamlining them into one link per person. At times, it reminds me of the iPhone texting app. They took the time to make an interface that is extremely customizable and easy to use. It is cost effective, as the iPhone version is free.


As with most others, there is no POP support. If you want to sync between Unibox accounts, you need to purchase the $15.99 Mac edition. A critical issue is that it will only update your emails if you have it open. If you close it, you will not see new emails and may miss important information.


Newton is simple. It optimizes the screen space while working speedily. I find being able to undo a message that I just sent quite nice. Newton also brings the ability to quiet emails, with a sleep setting. This is great, as I will not get a million beeps and bloops while I am busy.

The biggest drawback is that it not only costs $50, but that you must pay yearly. In the age of free email services and non-fee inboxes, it does not make much since to have a, rather high, yearly fee. A smaller issue is that I may forget to turn the sleep off and continue to miss emails.

Edison Mail

edison-iosI have never experience such speed as I have with Edison. The cliché, ‘blazing fast,’ takes on a new meaning. The email speeds are the best of the reviewed, you can undo an accidental send, and the security is fantastic. It integrates deep learning in creating intelligent tools. There are too many features to list.

I tested it, called it names, and attempted to dislike it; however, the app is quite wonderful. I know of only two major drawbacks of this app. It has no POP support and you may not like the integration with their assistant.

iOS Mail

There since the beginning, iOS Mail supports it all. Being that it is the native email client, it feels very natural to use. Well known for their customer service, Apple provides amazing support. It is supreme in one area, POP support. Of the apps reviewed, only this one has that.

Wow, does it sure feel slow after using a few other clients. This app is dated and Apple takes few risks in the hopes of drastically improving it. Due to the intertwining nature with iOS, problems with one may cause issues for the other. The competition outpaced Apple in the email client race.

Thomas Edison Would Be Proud

The price for Newton scares me away and Unibox will not fetch emails. This battle needs a dualistic choice. Edison is the best; it has a 4.5 star rating, from over 13,000 users, for a reason. However, if my sole concern is business or I have a business phone, Outlook is the winner. Looking at my co-workers calendars key in collaboration.

Otherwise, Edison outperforms all others. I recommend reviewing the many features. I love the integrated assistant and receive emails faster in it than on my desktop with Outlook, maybe it was a fluke. Upon completing the reviews, I moved to it. I expect this to become one of the most, if not the most, popular mail client in the future.