Roundup: MacBook Air 2020

Are you browsing for an Apple computer that won't break the bank? In that case, you should consider buying the 2020 MacBook Air. It's an amazing device and is Apple's bestselling Mac. Many groundbreaking features are present here that not even more expensive Windows laptops have.


Apple is known for making expensive products that not everyone can afford. While the starting point of $1,000 for the base Macbook Air model is undoubtedly costly, that's something an average consumer could still choose to realistically spend.

For those looking for something more than the basic Macbook Air, the price tag goes up to $2,250 for the fully-loaded version. In no way whatsoever could this be considered cheap, but with the 16-inch MacBook Pro costing more than $6,000, we think that the Air is a good deal!

Quad-Core Processor and IRIS Graphics

One of the biggest problems with the previous generation MacBook Air was the Dual-core processor. Luckily, Apple realized this and decided to use 10th Gen CPUs in all Macbook Airs. While the base Air has a dual-core i3, but by paying only $100 more, you can get the quad-core i5 version. We highly recommend that everyone makes this upgrade as a minimum, as it effectively doubles the performance of the device.

There is also the new IRIS Plus Graphics which is expected to bring an 80% improvement to video processing speeds. The Pro Display XDR is also supported thanks to this. A combination of all the above-stated factors makes the Air 2020 an excellent buy for productivity.

It should be noted that other laptops may provide better specifications for a lower price, but no one buys an Apple product to get the cheapest device. Overall the performance this year looks great. The MacBook Air lineup has, without a doubt, never looked better.

macOS Catalina

Earlier we mentioned that Apple doesn't offer the best specifications for the cost. This is an agreed-upon fact by many. However, a single spec sheet doesn't tell the whole story. What truly makes the MacBook Air great is the fantastic software and user experience. Apple products have been simplified and made easy to use for the average user. Moreover, the system is designed to run efficiently and fully utilize the hardware components. Those with other Apple products such as an iPhone or iPad will appreciate the fantastic eco-system too, with features like Airdrop.

New Magic Keyboard

This year we've seen Apple take the characteristics of their more expensive products and make them available at a more affordable price point. The best example of this is the iPhone SE 2020, equipped with the latest and greatest processor. Similarly, the new MacBook Air has gotten rid of the old butterfly keyboard and switched to scissor switches.

These are spacious and feel better to type on, therefore proving a superior experience. Everything else is the same, such as the backlighting and size. Users are provided with a dedicated escape key as well as a Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor for quick and reliable unlocking. The inverted arrow keys are also brought back for those who loved them.

Double The Storage

Another great move by Apple was to double the storage from 128GB to 256GB in the base model. All these changes were made while still maintaining the base price at $1,000. It also means that you can get up to 2TB of storage for the first time on a MacBook Air. All this disk space is provided as SSD, which is one of the fastest forms out there for regular consumers. When buying a laptop, many people always get confused as to how much space they need. It's really easy to end up overspending or underspending on storage. Here is a detailed buying guide on Mac storage options.


RAM plays a significant role in the performance of your device. Having more of it will ensure a faster and more future proof laptop. The new LPDDR4X type RAM in the Macbook Air, with a 3733 MHz clock speed, will make opening programs feel faster and improve the overall longevity of your device. You can upgrade to a maximum of 16GB by paying $200 more, but 8GB will be sufficient for most people. It should be noted that the RAM is soldered onto the motherboard, which means it's not upgradable after you first purchase your Macbook Air.

Aluminum Design and ThunderBolt Ports

The design of Macbooks hasn't changed much over the past few years. You get the same aluminum body in space gray with the Apple logo on the front. Even though it looks the same, most don't mind it, especially because of the premium and compact feel of the device, as well as its thinness.

To achieve this, a few corners had to be cut, like only including only two Thunderbolt 3 ports. You can still use this, however, to plug in a USB hub and attach any accessory you want want, such as an SD card. Luckily, there still is a headphone jack for you to use wired headphones with. The display bezels are still bigger than they should be, which makes the design feel dated. The screen, on the other hand, is outstanding. There are good displays in the market, but this one is just mind-blowing.

11-hour Battery

No matter how good a laptop is, it's not much use without good battery life. The purpose of a thin and light device, such as the MacBook, is to be portable. Luckily, Apple focused on this aspect. They advertise an 11-hour battery life, which may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it does provide all-day battery life. Students and people with an office job can take it to work without carrying a power brick. Most people would be pleased with this improved feature.

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