New MacBook Pro 2020

he MacBook Pro lineup is at the top of any list when it comes to powerful portable devices. Over the years Apple has introduced many revolutionary machines for its consumer base, leaving tech enthusiasts around the world on the lookout for what the 2020 MacBook Pros have to offer.


Apple is not known for delivering "value for money" products. On the contrary, they have high markups and consumers are well aware of it. What you pay for is the brand and luxury, not found on many other laptops at this price point. Just owning such a device makes you feel exclusive and luxurious.

Just like all luxury products, Apple has a large profit margin, and charges insane prices. The MacBook Pro models are a perfect example, where the base 13-inch starts at $1,300 and goes up to $3,600. The 16-inch configuration can be bought from $2,400 to $6,500, depending on the storage, processor, and graphics you opt for. Luckily, there is no shortage of options, as there can be dozens of models at multiple price points catering to different needs.

User Experience

We mentioned that Apple is a luxury brand, charging huge markups. While this is undoubtedly true that they price much higher than their competitors, it isn't the full story. Windows laptops with the same on-paper specification cost much more. However, a spec sheet is a perfect way to make a comparison.

Taking displays as an example, Apple might offer the same 1080p panel as every other manufacturer, but theirs is calibrated much better than the other one. The retina displays are some of the best and most color-accurate in the market and are perfect for color graded work. A similar quality display on another computer at the same price point is rare to find.

Similarly with the software, macOS is an operating system that runs smoothly and takes full advantage of the hardware. Impeccable future support and customer services are also provided, thus adding to the overall value of the product.


Performance is arguably the single most important determining factor justifying a purchase. Many users require amazing performance to carry out intensive tasks like video editing, 3D modeling, etc. Luckily, this aspect is well catered for as the higher configuration 2020 Macbook model with an i7 10th gen processor would be enough for most power users. However, most people don't have upwards of $2,000 to spend on a laptop.

Instead, many might opt for the lower i5 8th gen or i7 9th gen model. The question arises, will that be sufficient? If you are an average user who mostly browses the web and uses applications like Word and PowerPoint, then you're good. Even moderate users will find it well within the realm of usability, especially considering the terrific macOS optimization.

While most current tasks hold up well, you will find that problems will start arising as the Mac ages. This is especially troubling for users planning to keep their devices for more than five years. If you're not one of those, then go ahead and buy without any worries. The 13-inch model is the one most to suffer from this dilemma due to the lack of dedicated graphics.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro, on the other hand, is one of the best performing laptops that is when you pair it up with a GPU. The performance will keep getting better next year with the new MacBook when the Apple Silicon is released, which is expected to dominate the laptop CPU market.

Storage and Memory

As previously mentioned, you can get the 2020 MacBook Pro from $1,300 to $3,600. Paying more will get you a higher amount of storage and RAM and it's good to see that Apple has switched entirely to SSD, one of the fastest types for consumer-grade storage options out there. The lowest configuration SSD is 256GB, while the highest config is 4TB. If you don't store many high storage programs, then 256GB might be enough for you. Otherwise, we recommend getting at least the 512GB models. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have 4TB, which is overkill for even the more heavy users. Unless you know that you need that much space, you shouldn't pay the extra premium.

As for the RAM, the MacBook comes with 2133MHz LPDDR3 memory for the 8th gen processor models. This may be considered slow for today's standards and those with extra money to spend should get the 9th or 10th gen models. It will provide not only better performance, but also the faster 3733MHz LPDDR4 RAM type, which will future-proof your computer. The amount of memory offered is either 8, 16, or 32GB depending on your configuration and budget. This should be enough for most users.

Battery Life

The purpose of a laptop is to be a portable device. No matter how good the performance, people will not buy it if it only lasts a few minutes away from an outlet. Fortunately, Apple has not overlooked battery life.

The MacBook Pro comfortably lasts an entire day on moderate usage. Students need not worry about bringing a charger or expecting to lose power halfway through the day. Your mileage may vary, depending on which processor you buy as well as on your usage. Still, a day's worth of battery life is a reasonable estimate.


Apple is known for its elegant and minimalist designs. It was no surprise to see the 2020 MacBook Pros have that same look we are used to. The brushed aluminum chassis with the Apple logo in the middle is a fantastic look. Many other companies have tried and sometimes failed to copy the aesthetic.

Despite all the praise though, we cannot help but notice that the design is dated. MacBooks from a few generations look very similar to the newer models and we think it's time for Apple to bring a new design. Many might say that they do not mind the aluminum body, which in all fairness is gorgeous, even if it feels a bit old. If you're one of those people, that's great. However, this is no excuse for Apple to be lazy when it comes to design.

What most people will have a problem with are those thick bezels. We live in a time where companies are trying to do whatever they can to get the highest screen to body ratio. The trend is here to stay, so it's high time that Apple adopted this design aspect into its 13-inch MacBook Pro lineup. All these factors make the new MacBook look dated as compared to other laptops.


Apple's previous generation butterfly key switches had a reputation for being problematic. Sometimes they would fall off without any physical damage. Many people did not buy MacBooks with those types of keys - Apple phased them out quickly and moved onto the new scissor key switches in the form of their Magic keyboard. These are amazing and most people will be satisfied with them.

A touch bar has also been added to the 13-inch model this year. It is loved by those who want the extra functionality, but some prefer to have additional keys. It is up to the buyer which option they prefer.

Should You Get The 2020 MacBook Pro?

For users with limited CPU usage, who do not have another Apple device, we recommend staying away from the Mac lineup. They can be expensive and your money is better spent elsewhere. People with high-performance requirements can opt for the 16-inch model. They will be satisfied with the fantastic performance and amazing user experience. The lower specced 13-inch MacBook is only formed by those already heavily invested into the Apple eco-system and looking for a laptop to get done with basic tasks.

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