New iOS Design For Slack Out Now, Adds Bottom Bar

After almost two months, Slack for iOS has caught up with the desktop version's major redesign. The newest update, rolled out just a few days ago, overhauls the team chat application's navigation system among other changes.

The biggest difference you'll notice is the new bottom bar used for navigating the various features of the app. Abandoning the typical three-bars options menu button that has been a mainstay of mobile applications for years, you can now quickly and easily access home, direct messages, mentions and "You" in fewer steps. The latter option lets you set your active status and app preferences for customization.

Swiping left and right now work as shortcuts to your latest conversation and all workspaces, respectively. This aims to greatly simplify navigation and reduce the amount of consecutive  Another innovation is the compose button, also reducing the number of steps required to start a new DM or channel message.

The iOS update also carries over one of the desktop version's newest features, namely the shortcut button styled after a lightning bolt. These are the shortcuts you set yourself to the features you use most, but don't have dedicated quick access buttons in any of the immediate menus.

The Jump To box has also been subtly increased in size so you are less likely to completely forget about its existence. Slack's data indicates mobile users haven't been using that feature as much as on desktop despite its utility, so prominence was likely to blame.

This is the largest redesign Slack's mobile app went through in recent times, and as with any case of major change, people are going to need time to adjust. However, with all the new features that have been added over the months it was inevitable that the app would need an overhaul to accommodate it all.

Mike Roberts

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