How To Watch AVI Files On Your Mac

While some AVI files will work fine, many will not play properly on the Quicktime application that comes with your Mac. Fortunately, there are ways to get your AVI files working with third-party software or plugins. So read on to find out how to watch AVI files on your Mac!

how to watch avi on mac

Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player is a video player for Mac that plays all formats that video and audio files usually come in, including AVI and MKV. In our experience, with Elmedia player gives a decent HD experience, and the interface isn't bad either.

The first option is to download Elmedia Player.

VLC Player

The second option to play AVI files on your Mac is to download the VLC player. VLC is an open-source media player that plays many more file types than Quicktime, including AVI. To download the application for free click here.

Once downloaded, simply right-click on the AVI file you want to play and select "Open with VLC player" and the file will play in VLC rather than Quicktime.

Online Convertors

If the file you want to play is short, another option is to use an online video converter to convert the AVI file to a MOV one that can be played by Quicktime. One such site you can use is here.


While Quicktime can't play every AVI file, ElMedia Player and VLC Media Player do an outstanding job. You can use an online converter, but in our experience, they tend to be really slow, especially with larger files. So for ease of usage, we recommend installing one of the two media players to your Mac.

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