How To Scan QR Code On An iPhone

Nowadays, QR codes are everywhere, but most people don’t know how they work. If you’re one of those, don't worry. Here is a detailed guide on everything you need to know about QR codes and how to scan them on your iPhone.

What Is A QR Code?

Before we learn how to scan QR codes, we must learn what they actually are. QR or Quick Response code is like a barcode that provides information upon being scanned. Unlike barcodes, they don’t require a dedicated scanner and can hold much more information.

QR codes are a black and white box, with the different patterns representing different things in Binary. Modern QR codes can be quickly scanned with just your iPhone. They present some information and usually redirect users to a website. Due to their convenient nature, they can be found everywhere, including at restaurants, airports, museums, etc.

Methods For Scanning QR Code

A QR code can be scanned using various methods, but there are two main ones that you should be aware of. Note that this will also work for iPads.

Build-In QR Code Scanner

QR codes are meant to be easily accessible and they can be natively scanned by your iPhone. You don’t even need any unique form of software, we just use the camera application. Here is how to do it.

  1. Open your Camera application.
  2. Make sure it is in Photo mode.
  3. Place the QR code in the frame.
  4. It will be automatically scanned without taking a picture.
  5. You will receive a pop notification, which can be used to read the data stored.

Google Lens

Besides using the native camera app, you can also download a third-party application. There are hundreds of QR code reading applications out there, but we recommend using Google Lens.

The app was initially made for Android phones only, but has been explanded to iOS. It’s a picture recognizing application that can also scan QR codes and everyday barcodes. Google Lens is built into the Android camera app, however to use it on iOS you need either the Google Photos or Google App to access it:

  1. Download Google Photos or the Google app from the App Store.
  2. Open them up and click on the Lens option.
  3. You’ll be asked for camera permission.
  4. Take a picture if you have Google Photos.
  5. The Google app will work whenever there is a QR code on the screen.
  6. Click on the screen for the information relevant to the code to be displayed.
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