How To Save Pictures From Facebook To A Mac

Saving pictures from Facebook to your Mac is pretty simple and straightforward, however many people do not know how to do it (probably including you, since you're reading this).

Below I've set out a tutorial with images that shows you exactly how to save a picture from your Facebook timeline to your Mac's hard drive. The tutorial used a Mac running Google Chrome, however, the process remains the same even if you're browsing on Safari or Firefox.

1. Firstly, navigate to the page where the picture is located that you want to download.

2. Now click on the image, wait for it to load. Once it is loaded, right-click on the picture and navigate to 'Save Image As'

3. Now select the location you wish to save to and a file name, and you're done!

Mike Roberts

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  1. Hey there! Do you happen to know how to do this for Twitter and Instagram? When I right-click a picture there is no choice to save the photo. I’ve found websites that say they can download images from tweets and Instagram posts but they rarely ever work. Help please!

  2. What does "wait for it to load" mean? When I put the mouse on the photo, it turns into the little hand. I click - do I click and hold? Nothing happens except it makes the picture bigger, but then when I click it thinks I want to go to the next picture. Computer instructions should be written by English majors, who know how to look at their writing from the perspective of somebody who can't read their mind.

    1. Hi, re "When I put the mouse on the photo, it turns into the little hand" - at this point right click and then "Save image as..."

    1. I just double checked myself and this method still works, I can right click and "save as"

  3. Any idea what to do when Step 3 doesn't occur? I click on "Save As" and...crickets. Nothing. No window opens up. Sometimes it works to copy and paste the pic, but depending on the platform, it doesn't always work. Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

    1. Sorry I really have no idea why that would be, I just double checked myself and it works... Which browser do you use?

      1. Just tried it on Safari. It works there. I guess I should clear out my cache and all that other stuff IT folks tell you to do. Thanks for opening that door for me!

      2. Sometimes us luddites don't realize you have to use TWO fingers to right click on Mac. Always teach as though you are talking to someone in kindergarten...