How To Play BeamNG Drive On Your Mac

Hello and welcome to this tutorial on how to play BeamNG Drive on your Mac! BeamNG Drive is a game/simulator that does not run natively on OSX or macOS. It is only operable on Windows due to the engine that the application is built on. It is possible, however, to get BeamNG Drive (sort of) working in MacOS using a compatibility utility called Crossover.

To download Crossover visit the developers website and choose the free trial. Crossover costs approximately $60, however you can use it for free for a couple of weeks. Once you have Crossover installed on your Mac it is fairly simple to install BeamNG Drive, simply follow the instructions below.

When you first open up Crossover you should see the screen below. Steam and BeamNG Drive won't be there yet in your Crossover windows, but they are in mine because I've already installed them! So to get started, click the "Install a Windows Application" button at the bottom of the window.

use beamng on mac

In the search box that comes up find the "BeamNG" application and press install. Crossover will say that it's not supported, and while it's true that the game is not supported officially by Crossover, it is supported by the community, and as of now, it does work! After doing this Crossover will automatically install several applications such as Steam and Adobe Flash Player, among others. You will need to click through the prompts and enter personal details when possible, and when you're done Steam will open up.

how to use beamng on mac

Once you have Steam open you will need to purchase/download BeamNG Drive like you normally would. The default BeamNG build however does not work with this Crossover/OSX setup, so you will need to right-click on the game in your library (as per below) and select properties.

use beamng on macbook

Now select the Betas tab and from the drop-down menu select the last DirectX 9 compatible version of the game. However, DO NOT enter anything into the beta access code text box and DO NOT press the Check Code button. After you have selected the DirectX 9 compatible version of the game from the drop-down menu simply hit the Close button down the bottom of the window.

use beamng on macbook

And that's pretty much all you need to do!

If you launch BeamNG Drive from Steam now the game should start up and you'll be able to play. There may be some glitches and other issues such as low brightness that are not there in the Windows version of the game, however when I tested BeamNG Drive on my MacBook Air I found the game to be remarkably stable and bug-free.

Unfortunately, however, you won't get many updates, if any at all, when you are playing BeamNG Drive on your Mac. The best option for the "most updated game experience" is to create a Windows partition on your Mac and install Windows + BeamNG Drive on there. When you want to play you'll have to reboot your computer into the Windows partition, but the game experience will be better.

If you want to install mods in BeamNG Drive you can drop vehicles into the "mods" folder just like if you were running the game in windows. If you installed the game as I did above the BeamNG Drive folder should be in your home folder:

how to use beamng on macbook

Inside the BeamNG folder, there will be a "mods" folder. Open that and create a folder within it called "vehicles" (if there is not one already in there). The vehicles folder is where you can put any custom vehicles that you download from the Internet (remember to unzip them first or they won't work!). Now just restart the game and the custom vehicles should be there.

beamng on macbook

If you have any problems installing BeamNG Drive on your Mac or if there is anything else you'd like to know to feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply.

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