How To Bass-Boost iTunes Songs & Music in 2020

Many people wish to modify their music to make a song more bassy or tone down its harsh treble. This article will explain to you step-by-step (with screenshots) how to bass-boost your songs on iTunes using iTunes' built-in equalizer.

Although the title of the article says "how to bass-boost," you can use the iTunes equalizer to modify music in many other ways. These include bass reduction, treble boost, treble reduction, and vocal boost.

  1. To Bass-Boost an iTunes song, you first must turn on the equalizer. So open iTunes, click on the "View" menu, and select "Show Equalizer." Alternatively, you could press "Command-J-2" to bring the view options up.
  1. In the "Equalizer" window, look for the "Bass Booster" option.
  1. Click the "Bass Booster" option or select any other effect you want (treble boost, bass-boost, treble reducer, etc.)
  1. The effect will now be applied to your playback. Whenever you play music, it will play altered according to what you picked. Note that you can change the effect on the fly, while the song is playing, in case you want to compare the different effects.
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