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How to access Silk Road on your Mac

WARNINGIt is highly recommended that you use a VPN (virtual private network) to hide your IP address and personal information when browsing the deep web. This is an additional security measure that can keep you safe while you navigate the unknown parts of an almost completely unregulated portion of the internet. MacInfo recommends NordVPN to stay safe. They don’t retain logs of their user’s activity, they have great server coverage across the globe and are extremely affordable. Click here to get access to NordVPN for only $3 a month – a limited MacInfo offer.

Welcome to this guide about accessing Silk Road on your Mac. Unfortunately the original Silk Road site has been shut down by the FBI, as has Silk Road 2.0. The good news is that the online drug market certainly has not disappeared, meaning that while the famous Silk Road is no more, there are still many other Deep Web marketplaces where drugs can be purchased. Therefore this article is now a guide to purchasing drugs via the Deep Web on your Mac. Read on to find out how!

Firstly you will need to install TOR on your Mac, and take the necessary security precautions. If you have not already done so read How to access the Deep Web on your Mac — and if you need a good VPN provider to stay anonymous check out our review on NordVPN.

Note that you may have to enable cookies in TOR to be able to use some of the marketplaces listed here — if you try to sign up or login and you get an error message, try enabling cookies as per below. Be sure to disable them however if you go off and visit an untrusted site.

You will now have to sign up to a marketplace on the Deep Web. In the wake of Silk Road many have popped up, however some are more reliable than others while many can be joined via invite-only. Below you will find some marketplaces that are currently online, that you can sign up for now on your Mac.

Middle Earth Marketplace

Onion address: http://mango7u3rivtwxy7.onion

This marketplace has over 1000 drug listings, which is not as much as other major markets — however they do have a sizeable number of listings for other things, such as fake IDs/passports.

Nucleus Market

Onion address: http://nucleuspf3izq7o6.onion

This market has a lot more drug listing than Middle Earth, with over 3000. It does not have many listings in the other categories, though.

Evolution Market

The Evolution Market has a number of different onion addresses, so that if you can’t reach one you can try the others:

  • b7w2gy5fn5lenigv.onion
  • ckotfxg3kcmy5mx6.onion
  • fzjini5w5jdqpw5r.onion
  • ebz7hn4cmot3p3jq.onion
  • zhhvkjfw76bcmogw.onion
  • kjj2txjneira6koo.onion
  • ts6qrnwem375kg3c.onion
  • f3oqufgj3cukl7bu.onion
  • 34mgnmkmmi2kwier.onion

Once you have signed up to a Deep Web Market, it is important that you know what to look out for so that you can stay safe. This guide specifies how to go about purchasing drugs on Silk Road, however most of the tips will apply to any other online drug market. It is also beneficial to use a VPN while on TOR, such as NordVPN. Have fun!