Choosing The Best Macbook Air Case in 2020

The MacBook Air is a very expensive yet fragile piece of technology. Getting a laptop case is a great way to protect your investment so you can travel safely and enjoy your new computer for many years to come. Of course, there are so many options available and more companies are hopping into the arena each week with their own cases. We tested several of these cases to determine which one is the best value and will offer the most protection from falls and other damage.

TOMTOC 360 Protective Sleeve

This heavily padded case comes in black, baby pink, dazzling blue, mint blue, and gray. It offers 360 degrees of protection by stuffing the interior with padding on all sides. Despite the extra armor, this case is surprisingly lightweight and looks smaller than it is. You can conveniently store it in another bag or walk around with it completely unencumbered.

There is just one additional pocket that is big enough to fit your phone or tablet and give it a fair bit of protection as well. There is no handle but it is easy enough to place under your arm and carry it around indoors. This case is highly rated and it makes sense why. You get a great deal of protection at a very low cost.

INATECK MacBook Sleeve

This MacBook Air case looks very plain in appearance and comes in black or neoprene. While that may seem underwhelming to some, it won't draw any attention to the very expensive laptop inside. This helps you keep a low profile in unsavory areas. The inside lining has incredibly soft fleece that ensures the sides of your MacBook won't get scratched as you walk around.

There are two zippers that each open a separate pocket. Besides the main compartment for your laptop, there is a smaller compartment on the front. This secondary pocket is perfect for storing small accessories and cables you may need on your travels. The high quality of this case betrays the relatively low cost making it quite the solid value proposition overall.

Kasper Maison Italian Leather Laptop Case

Leather fans will be happy to know this sleeve comes in brown, black, British tan, and medium brown. It features an envelope design and the natural grain Italian leather looks great on your side. While it can be rather stiff when you first pop it open, the case gradually expands and molds perfectly to the MacBook Air's size.

Several different pockets comprise this sleeve. There is a small side pocket perfect for business or credit card storage. There is a third pocket that is big enough to store books or documents. It also has a cable holder that lets you neatly store cables so they don't get kinked. The main pocket also features a tiny hole that allows you to charge the MacBook even when it is still inside. It is quite pricey but looks great and comes with a ton of features that aren't very common.

Pack and Smooch MacBook Air Case

This cozy looking case comes in either dark gray or dark brown. It has a great wool texture that feels amazing to the touch. Each one is handcrafted in Germany with naturally dyed leather and merino wool. There is no chemical coating to make it look so stylish.

The laptop sleeve is highly padded and will protect your MacBook from falls of modest height. There is also an outside pocket that is big enough to hold your phone and a tablet to complete the tech trio. Otherwise, it can hold any small items that you may desire to carry on your travels. You would think it would cost a fortune due to the premium materials but it falls in the middle of the pack in terms of laptop cases.

Amazon Basic Laptop Sleeve

This neoprene sleeve is great for protecting your MacBook Air from intense heat. The soft and stretchy neoprene feels great to touch but is durable enough to take a beating if an accident occurs. There is only one zipper so the bag itself is quite small. There is a bit of room inside the pocket once the MacBook is inside but you want to be careful not to put anything inside that may scratch the laptop as it rattles around.

There is also no handle so you will most likely need a second bag that is big enough to carry it if you plan on going far. A second bag will solve your storage problem as well since you could fit a variety of items inside the additional storage. While that may seem a tad silly, the sleeve is very inexpensive and provides a good deal of protection for your prized MacBook. It is certainly better than leaving the laptop unprotected.

STM Dux Rugged Case

This durable case comes in black, Morrocan blue, or chili. If you are prone to many accidents and anticipate dropping your Macbook often, then this is the case for you. The sides and corners of your MacBook are protected by rubberized polycarbonate brackets that can absorb a lot of damage. The textured feet on the bottom will keep your laptop from sliding all over the place if left on a slippery surface.

The see-through case isn't great when you are in rough neighborhoods but does allow you to show off in places you know are safe. Stickers, decals, and any custom skins you place on your MacBook will be easy for all to see. This case costs a bit more than the lower end sleeves but provides so much more protection that it is well worth it if you want to make sure your MacBook is safe from harm.

Lacdo Laptop Sleeve

This canvas case comes in black, gray, red, blue, purple, rose, and pink. If you live in an area where it rains every day then you will appreciate the waterproof fabric that will prevent the contents of the sleeve from getting wet. The interior features a lining with three other fabrics that give your laptop extra padding as well as prevents water from seeping in during prolonged showers.

The zipper glides smoothly over the top ensuring they don't get stuck if you hastily pull out your MacBook. There is an additional pocket that is big enough to hold accessories or your power cord if you plan to be out for a while. This is another sleeve with no handle but the waterproof nature makes up for it. Considering the very low price, this one is worth a look if you walk through rain regularly.

Our Verdict

While it ultimately comes down to personal choice, we have to go with the TOMTOC 360 Protective Sleeve as the best MacBook Air case you can buy right now. It comes in a good variety of colors so anyone can find one that fits their style. The level of protection from drops and other accidents is simply unmatched. Considering how fair the price is, this is a no-brainer for anyone who just wants to shield their MacBook from harm and not worry about choice.

Mike Roberts

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  1. I love that leather case but it doesn’t have a handle and it’s way out of my price range, too bad. The Inateck case is the next best on this list in my opinion, I could use it to carry my Macbook around or it could serve as protection in my backpack. I’ll probably be buying that one!

  2. The Lacdo case looks seems promising. It looks to be made specifically for the MacBook 13” whereas other cases are a little bigger. I can make good use of the outside pocket and they even have pink! I was hoping they would before I clicked the link. I’ll have a quick look around at others but I think this is the MacBook case for me.

  3. I’ve always just stuck my MacBook inside my backpack but I recently noticed some scuffs on the outside. Now I’m looking for a case to prevent that. The grey one looks really nice and the price is very good, unless something else sticks out to me along the way I’ll be purchasing that. Thanks for the recommendation!