Best PopSockets For iPhone

Do you tend to drop your iPhone often? If so, we have got a fix for you. A PopSocket is a ring placed on the back of your phone, and that is used primarily for grip. It decreases the chances of you dropping your phone and doesn't add a lot of bulk. If you wish to increase the safety of your iPhone, then we highly recommend getting one.

Reasons To Purchase a PopSocket

If you are aware of modern trends, then you probably have seen the craze of PopSockets that took the world by storm. Many people with smartphones have one, especially the younger generation. The trend has slowed down in recent times, but PopSockets are still seen everywhere. Popsockets aren't just a hype product. They offer great utility and that's why people use them to this day. Here are a few reasons why you should get one for yourself.

Popsockets Provide Grip

The most obvious reason is because of the grip it provides. Almost everyone has dropped their phone at least once. A drop may or may not severely damage your iPhone. Nowadays, due to the complexity of the devices, repair prices are really high. Just for context, the back glass replacement on the newer iPhones can cost around $500. Luckily, pop sockets provide you with a ring at the back to hold onto. It will drastically decrease the chances of you dropping your phone - saving you at least a couple hundred bucks in repair costs.

Popsockets Are A Great Fashion Accessory

PopSockets are also a great fashion accessory and many people like the aesthetics that they provide. Even if you don't like how Popsockets look, you'll definitely love the design of your iPhone. Newer models of the iPhone are marvellous looking pieces of technology and manufacturers spend years finalizing a design that is desirable for the consumers. All this effort becomes useless when a case is put on. PopSockets, however, are a great case substitute that also let you show off your phone.

Popsockets Provide Protection

Users must still use some form of protective measure for their phones. Otherwise, their device may be easily broken. With a PopSocket, the phone can be used without any case and still provide some form of protection.

Popsockets Provide Additional Functions

Besides acting as a grip and a fashion accessory for your iPhone, PopSockets have many additional useful functions. For starters, they serve as an excellent iPhone stand. If you want to watch videos or do a video conference, then this becomes a great help. PopSockets are attached to your iPhone at all times. They have a rotatable ring as well and so holding your device in multiple positions becomes a breeze. Other uses of PopSockets include as car mounts, credit card holders, etc.

Our Picks For The Best PopSockets For iPhone

Star Wars - The Child Cup

The first entry on our list is a PopSocket designed for Star Wars fans. Those familiar with Star Wars or memes are probably aware of the character of Baby Yoda. The child version of Yoda took the world by storm due to his cuteness. He eventually rose to the ranks of Baby Groot and other such adorable characters. Due to his apparent popularity, we believe that this PopSocket is a terrific choice for anyone wanting to show their admiration for this lovable character.

Besides that, the product itself is of high quality. It also had a replaceable PopTop for when you want to swap out for a new design. For less than $10, this is an excellent buy for Star Wars enthusiasts.

ZOEAST Phone Ring Grip

If you prefer the ring-styled PopSockets, then we recommend going for the offering by ZOEAST. You get a pack of three for less than $10, which is an affordable price. You are offered a 30-day money-back and 180-day free replacement if you live in the US. The product is universally compatible with all devices. The main reason we chose this PopSocket is for the wide range of designs offered. There are many choices available from Pokémon-themed to Marvel-themed, so there is probably one available of your liking. The incredibly low price, as well as great design options, puts this PopSocket on our list.


For those looking for a more functional PopSocket should divert their attention to the PopWallet+. As the name implies, it's a PopSockets with a wallet attached and is perfect for holding a few cards as well as cash - this pop socket is a valid replacement for your wallet. It has a minimalistic design, made up of silicon and comes in six colors, which are; Black, Shadow Blue, White Black, Sea Green, Ultra Mint, and Blush Pink. Best of all, the PopTop is removable for those wanting to change the design after some time. The price tag is a bit high, at around $25, but it's well worth it in our opinion.

Otter+ Pop

Most people looking for a PopSocket buy one for the aesthetics and/or safety they provide. If you're in the latter category, we recommend getting the Otter+. It's a PopSocket with a case at the back for extra drop protection. There are multiple designs to choose from. Our favorite is the White Marble and Aluminum Black one. Wireless charging is also available for those who have an iPhone 8 or newer. One thing that you'll have to look out for is getting one that fits your specific device, as all Otter+ Pops are made to fit a specific model and are not universally compatible. At around $50, this is the most expensive entry on our list, but that's the price you have to pay for safety. Considering an iPhone repair can be extremely expensive, we think that's a worthwhile investment.

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