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Looking for maximum protection for your MacBook Pro? The MacBook Pro is a marvelous and beautiful piece of technology. However, they can easily break or get damaged, thus wasting our precious money.

Due to their modern sleek design, you have to be careful when handling Macbook Pros, or else it can catastrophically result in a bent, dent, or a scratched device. For a while now, consumers have been able to use shells to protect their MacBook Pros.

Here is a detailed guide on everything you need to look for when buying a shell for your device and some excellent options for you to consider.

Factors To Look For

Shells provide impact absorption. In the unfortunate event of you dropping your MacBook Pro, it will act as a barrier of protection. Shell have saved many devices from being permanently damaged. Whenever buying a particular shell, you'll have to go through a few criteria based on which you need to determine the right product for you.


Safety is essential when searching for a shell. However, different people require varying levels of protection. For example, an office worker might not need a very heavy-duty shell, just one that does its job well. Someone who uses their device around a child, on the other hand, might require the most safety you can get. The apparent trade-off to buying a more secure shell is greater bulk. Manufacturers use a thicker material to provide higher impact resistance.


Devices such as iPhones and MacBooks have years of engineering prowess behind them. Covering them up with a shell feels insulting, but it is a necessary sacrifice that many must make. You can, however, buy a more aesthetic sleeve to maintain some of that fancy look.


The first thing buyers usually look at is the price of any product. Everyone is out there looking for the best deal and saving as much money as they possibly can. Setting up a budget to work with is essential. You'll also need to understand what you will get for that price range. A more expensive product may look enticing, but it might not necessarily be better for you than a cheaper alternative.

Top MacBook Pro Shells

Here are our picks for some of the best shells in the market.

MOSISO MacBook Pro Case

The MOSIO MacBook Pro Case is for those looking for the most basic shell - and one that won't break the bank. It is made up of hard plastic that gets the job done. You can rest assured that your MacBook won't be damaged from minor falls. It looks fairly plain and minimalistic with an Apple logo in the center and there are many colors to choose from - black, blue, red, etc.

The real value comes with what's included in the entire package. Two plastic cases are provided for the top and bottom part of your MacBook Pro. They have sufficient ventilation so as not to cause any airflow or heating issues. There is also a keyboard cover that is built surprisingly well and doesn't affect the typing experience. A screen protector is included too, which is easy to install. The last item is a carrying pouch for small items like a cable or USBs.

At a cost of less than $20, we believe that this is an excellent buy for anyone.

KECC Case for MacBook Pro

The KECC MacBook Pro Case has a much better design than most other shells in the market. It comes with a top and bottom plastic case and a keyboard cover similar to the previous option. There are no other accessories included.

The significant selling point for the product is the vast array of available designs. Our favorite is the White Marble finish, but there are other options like a purple interstellar look as well as black fabric. At around $25, it is not ultra cheap, but is still a fantastic option for those looking for a beautiful shell for their MacBook Pro.

Urban Armor Gear UAG MacBook Pro

The previous options were good, but they for sure won't be able to handle significant drops. The Urban Armor MacBook Pro Case, on the other hand, is an entirely different type of product.

The thick and rigid exterior can survive even the most severe falls. It has a rugged look that not everyone will appreciate, but it will give your device a military feel.

The price is one major drawback. At around $50, it is not something that everyone might like to spend on a shell, but that's the price you pay for maximum protection.

Alternatives To Shells


If you feel like a shell isn't for you, then you should look towards buying a sleeve. They are like a mini carrying case for your MacBook that also provide some protection, due to their thickness. You can read more about the best MacBook Pro Sleeve here.

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