Best MacBook Air Sleeve 2020

MacBook's are a fantastic piece of technology. They are powerful and let you do a lot of tasks with ease. Moreover, they are elegantly built and are a symbol of luxury and fashion. However, MacBook Air's in particular can lack durability.

If you're not careful, you may end up bending, denting, or scratching your laptop. The best way to avoid these problems is by investing in a laptop sleeve.

Features To Look For

The primary purpose of a sleeve is to provide protection. But, there are multiple more secondary reasons why one would choose to buy it. You'll have to keep these factors in mind when deciding on which product to purchase.


It's evident that your MacBook's Air's safety is essential. Depending upon your usage, you may or may not want a lot of protection. For example, if you take your MacBook to school in a bag filled with books and the bag is thrown around, then you will want to invest in a higher grade sleeve. However, if you only take your MacBook to work where there is little wear and tear, then you can go with a less protective one. In exchange, you may get one that's better in another aspect for you.


The most subjective feature of any case is its design. Phones and laptops are exceptionally well-designed pieces of technology. Manufacturers take a year or more to come up with some of them. It's a shame that we have to cover the beauty to protect our devices, however alternatively a lot of people are entirely unaffected by the design of a sleeve. On the other hand, others may make their choice solely based on the design of the product. Whichever category you fit in, keeps in mind that the sleeker a sleeve is the less protection it offers and vice versa.


You may not necessarily store your MacBook Air in the sleeve only. Many go to work or college with just their MacBook Air. In that case, they need some extra storage capacity. You can store things like chargers, headphones, hard drives, and other accessories.


No matter how great a product is, it's useless if you can't afford it. Pricing is one of the critical factors affecting your purchase. You will have to decide on a budget to work with. Once you know what you are willing to spend, then you can shortlist the sleeve of your choice.

Best Sleeves

No one tech product appeals to everyone as people have unique needs, just like how a car appeals to various types of people. Similarly, different sleeves are made to fulfill different requirements. You'll have to identify priorities and then make a conscious decision. We've compiled a list to give you a better idea. There are thousands of similar products in the market, and covering all of them would be impossible. The ones we include are some of the best out there.

Comfyable Slim Protective Laptop Sleeve

The PU leather outer case is water-resistant and has an inner EPE foam padding to maximize in case of an accident. Moreover, the inside is lined with microfiber coating, which will create a scratch-free environment.

The minimalistic and sleek design of the sleeve compliments the aesthetics of the MacBook. There are three color variants, namely brown, black or purple, costing around $20. You can also get it for the new 16-inch MacBook.

The one complaint that we have about this sleeve is a lack of any storage space, but that was an intentional decision to make the sleeve as thin and light as possible.

Apple Leather Sleeve

Here is an option for those wanting a first-party alternative. The sleeve comes in at around $180, and is the only sleeve manufactured by Apple. The premium price tag guarantees top-class quality, as seen by the lack of any unnecessary girth, while still providing superb protection. You are provided with three color options which are Midnight Blue, Saddle Brown, or Black.

There is no extra carrying space; otherwise, it would add to the overall thickness of the product. Another downside is that you won't be able to charge your MacBook when its placed inside. The Apple leather sleeve is not for everyone. Most consumers will be satisfied with our previous entry, but those who have the money can certainly opt for it.

IUNION 13-inch Sleeve

The previous options were great but didn't feature any extra storage compartment. Those planning to use their MacBook sleeve as a versatile tool will be pleased to know that we have an excellent option for you as well. The IUNION has multiple front and back pockets to store chargers, hard drives, books, etc. There is a handle for more comfortable carrying, which can be tucked back in if you choose not to use it.

Despite the extra pockets, it's reasonably slim and stylish. You can purchase it in black, dark gray, or army green. The inside is made up of a soft material that protects your MacBook against impacts or scratches. Considering the low price of less than $20, this is a well-rounded and great sleeve to buy.

MOSISO Laptop Sleeve

The main reason to buy a sleeve is for protecting your laptop. Many people have their laptops in harsh environments where it is susceptible to damage. For them having a rigid casing is necessary. Fortunately, the Mosiso laptop sleeve does precisely that. It has a hard Lyrca outer layer providing fantastic shock absorption properties as well as water resistance.

The inside layer is a foam padding for further protection against scratches. You also get an additional small carrying pouch for storing devices such as a mouse, headphones, etc. It may not be the thinnest one or most beautiful one in the market by at less than $20, it is well worth it.

Alternative To Sleeves

If you're still not convinced whether a sleeve is a right option for you or not, then we have a few recommendations. Those who care about the design aesthetic, as well as the sleekness of their laptop, should consider a skin. It's a sticker designed to fit your MacBook completely. It provides scratch protection as well as fingerprint resistance. Best of all, there are thousands of options, each of them customizable to suit you. A few popular skin brands include Dbrand and Slick-Wrap. It should be noted that these provide almost no further impact absorption, so you'll have to be careful while handling your MacBook.

On the other hand, if you prioritize protection over anything else, then you should get a case. Very similar to mobile cases, they are attached to your MacBook at all times. Depending on the model you get, there can be extreme or comparatively amount of extra safety provided for your MacBook. There are also multiple different styles to choose from, so there is a little something for everyone. Although you should know that a case adds a lot to the overall bulk of the device.

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