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MacBooks have come a far way since their conception in the later 20th century. They have become much smaller and thinner. The portability of such devices has seen a massive jump in the past few decades. As technology becomes efficient, size typically shrinks.

However, science has not advanced far enough to make a completely indestructible or highly durable device, while it also being thin and light. Even the most careful of users may end up bending, denting, or scratching their MacBook Air. Luckily, accessories like shells try to solve this problem to some extent.

Factors To Look For

Different types of products provide various features to entertain a wide array of users. Similarly, not all shells are made equal. You need to consider a few factors when making a purchase. Here is everything you should look for before buying a shell for your MacBook Air.


Every shell is different from the others when it comes to providing safety. Everyone doesn't need the maximum durability they can get. Some users, such as those who mostly use their MacBook in one place, require just enough to save their devices from minor impacts.

On the other hand, those who move around with their device a lot, such as photographers, might need something a bit more heavy-duty. You'll need to understand which category you fit in and then make a decision. A less protective shell is usually more sleek and minimalistic as it uses less material.


Companies like Apple spend a lot of their precious time and money in building the best-looking machine they can. It is usually accompanied by premium materials which are a sign of the typical Apple luxury. It's a shame that we have to cover these up for protection.

The best way to do this for most people is to buy a beautifully designed shell, to not hide the beauty. However, if you're one of those who don't care about the design of a product and buy it just for the utility it offers, then this must not be a deciding factor for you.


The MacBook Air is already an expensive piece of technology as it is. If you spend most of your money on it, then you will be looking for a cheaper shell that gets the job done. On the other hand, you may want to spend a couple of extra dollars on top of the thousands that you have already, to ensure that your expensive device stays in pristine condition. Whatever category you fall in, make sure to buy your shell with the budget in mind.

Top Macbook Air Shells

Finding the perfect product can be difficult due to the number of options available out there. Don't worry, here are some of the best MacBook Air shells that you can buy today.

UESWILL Smooth Matte Hard Shell Case

The UESWILL Smooth Matte Hard Shell Case will satisfy those looking for an inexpensive, yet reliable option. You are provided with two hard shell plastic pieces. One of them is for the top, and one of them is from the bottom. The Apple logo is visible for most of the models, and the flow of air within your MacBook isn't hindered.

There are more than 30 different colors and designs, including plain black, marble finish, and even one with the flag of the USA. The price tag of around $15 is one of the lowest out there.

RQTX MacBook Air 13.3 Inch Hard Case

Those looking for something a bit flashier should definitely consider the RQTX MacBook Air Hard Case. You are given two polycarbonate casing similar to the one in our previous option. There is also a keyboard cover used to protect your keyboard against spills and other types of soft damage.

There are multiple designs such as for Marvel and DC characters as well as for anime. Those who are a fan of either one of these media should definitely check it out. The price tag of less than $20 is well suited for a product like this.

ProCase MacBook Air

If you want a bit more protection than all the other generic shells out there, Procase has got you covered. You get a rigid shockproof protective case that is guaranteed to save your device from even the harshest of falls. Despite the apparent heft of the case, it isn't the thickest one out there. The heat dissipation system is not compromised, so there are no overheating issues. A built-in stand is included to elevate your MacBook when using it.

There are five colors available - Grey, Black, Khaki, Lightblue, and Rose. Priced at around $35, it is definitely a bit expensive, but it's worth the safety that you are provided with.

Alternatives To Shells


A sleeve is a small bag for your MacBook, which can also hold other accessories like chargers and headphones. It provides significant protection as it surrounds your entire device. Read more about the best sleeves for your MacBook Air here.


A skin is similar to a shell. It's a small piece of sticker that wraps around your MacBook. It gives your device a unique look as most skins are customizable to suit your needs. The downside of a sticker is that it doesn't provide a lot of protection, other than against scratches.

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