Best iPhone Luxury Case

Are you looking for a luxury case for your iPhone? Finding a suitable one can be difficult because of the sheer amount of knock offs and fake products. Here is a guide to buying the best iPhone luxury case.

What Is Luxury?

Luxury can have a different definition for different people. Some people might associate a high price tag as a luxury while others might consider the feel of a product. Every person will provide their own unique meaning of what "luxurious" is. Here is what we look for when judging a product.

Material Used

The most obvious criteria for what fits the title of "luxury" are what materials are used to manufacture the product. Something like silicon is a common material that almost every other case manufacturer uses. While it provides great functionality, we won't consider it as luxurious. On the contrary, something like leather or animal skin is not a typical consumer product and is expensive.


Another feature of luxurious products is the way they look. A decent and minimalistic design is usually considered a good product. We associate luxury with wealthy people who generally have a modest fashion sense. The best example of this is the creator of the iPhone Steve Jobs himself. Despite the wealth he had accumulated from Apple, he never had a really flashy wardrobe. If your iPhone is too in-your-face, then it may be more of streetwear than luxury.

Top Luxury iPhone Cases

Finding the perfect product can often be difficult for users. The sheer amount of research takes up too much time. Here are the top luxury iPhone cases you can buy right now.

Apple Leather Case

Apple's iPhone is a luxury product, so we would look towards first-party cases first. If anyone knows how to make a perfect accessory for an iPhone, it would be the manufacturer of the iPhone themselves. The Apple Leather Case is made up of tanned and finished European leather, which provides an amazing look.

A unique feature of leather is that it looks better with age; therefore, this product will be beneficial for those looking to use their device for the long term. The inside is lined with microfiber to protect your phone from rubbing against the case. This will help avoid any scratches. It also offers excellent impact protection in case of an accident. The cutouts and buttons are perfect. The quality and fit are superb, considering it is manufactured by Apple themselves.

There are multiple colors available - Product Red, Black, Saddle brown, etc. The only downside is the high price tag of around $40, but considering it is a luxurious first-party accessory, we think it is worth it.

OT ONETOP iPhone Wallet Case

If the previous option is a bit expensive for you, we recommend checking out the OT ONETOP iPhone Case. It offers a similar experience for a much cheaper price. It is mostly made up of Faux leather; some might not consider it luxurious just because of that. Either way, it does provide most of the features of the real deal.

It looks just as good but might feel cheap to the touch. The only major disadvantage is that it may peel or crack over time. Considering users use a smartphone for a maximum of 5 to 6 years, the case should last well until then. The functionality of this case more than makes up for any of its disadvantages. There is a card slot for you to store credit or debit card or even some cash. There is an additional piece of leather that covers up the card slot and also acts as a stand.

There are multiple colors available - Black, Blue, Rose Gold, etc. It offers great drop protection so you can use your iPhone without worries of any damage. At the price of around $15, we think it provides terrific value.

Hadro Luxury iPhone Cases

If you want true luxury, then we recommend checking out the Hydro Luxury iPhone Case. These cases are made up of real animal skin such as alligator, ostrich, etc. Moreover, they also have any colors like Green, Brown, Blue, etc. These offer virtually the same drop protection as the previous option, but with greater luxury. The downside of these is the high price tag. You can get them from anywhere between $280 to $700, which might be more than what you paid for your phone.

These prices are definitely really high but are a good representation of what a luxurious product truly costs. You can get one for yourself here.

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