Best iPhone Charging Stand

Using a regular charging wire or wireless charger is great, and there are multiple reasons why one would prefer a charging stand. Whether you are using an old iPhone 8 or just purchased the latest and greatest of Apple’s mobile offerings, here are the top iPhone charging stands you can buy right now.

Reasons To Buy An iPhone Charging Stand


In this fast-paced day and age, we always tend to look for the most convenient option possible. We want to save even a single second, if possible. Luckily, with a charging stand, users can significant time by simply placing their phones on the pad and in some cases, also an Apple Watch on the dock. This is much less time consuming compared to using the charging wire for both these devices. Most people are unaware of the utility a stand offers until they actually buy it.

Less Exposed Wires

Nobody likes wires. They get tangled and break often. Despite charging your phone faster, it is still less desirable than a regular stand. Not only are a lot of wires more likely to break, but they also look messy. Everyone wants to hide their cable in their tech setup. That’s the reason why cable management is given a lot of priority. Even if your charging stand doesn’t have a wireless charger, it will have a section to route all your wires for a better look.

More Compatibility

Once you have bought a charging stand, you can keep it for your next phone as long as you don’t break it. Even if you buy an iPhone without a lightning cable or even an Android, the charging stand can still be used.

Top Charging Stands

We understand it can often get difficult to choose the right product to buy from the thousands available. Having too many options is not always a good thing. Don't worry, here are a few of the best charging stands in the market.

OMOTON 2 in 1 Universal Stand Holder

Most people require a charging stand in a sturdy area where most of their devices can be charged. If you’re one of them, OMOTON has got you covered. Their dock can hold both your iPhone and Apple Watch. It’s made up of a 4 mm layer of aluminum. There is also a lining of an anti-scratch and anti-slip material that protects your device.

It is compatible with a lot of products like a phone or tablet as large as 10.5 inches and all kinds of Apple Watch. Unfortunately, there is no wireless charging, but considering the price tag of less than $15, there is not much you can expect. Although, you are given a section to route your wires and charge both your devices when they are docked.

The OMOTON 2 in 1 Universal Desktop Stand comes in 3 colors - Black, Silver, and Rose Gold. Overall, this is a good budget and a well-built stand, something you should definitely check out.

Anker Wireless PowerWave Stand

Those looking for a wireless charging alternative should check out the Anker Wireless PowerWave Stand. Anker is best known as a company for making excellent charging products. They provide the best cables, power banks, etc. They even have great speakers and headphones.

Luckily, they also have an amazing charging stand in the market. Unlike the previous product, this has a 10 W Qi wireless charger for higher convenience. You are also given the option to use it in the landscape or portrait mode. People with a case can also charge their phones without any problem.

There is a 3 ft micro USB cable included in the box to provide power to the wireless charger. Anker has such high confidence in their stands that they offer an 18-month warranty. You can get the Powerwave in either Black or White, with the white variant somewhat more expensive. The Anker Wireless PowerWave starts at around $20.

ZENVAN Wireless Charger

Those looking for something a bit more extreme should consider the ZENVAN Wireless Charging Station. You can place two iPhones, an Airpod as well as an Apple Watch and charge all these wirelessly. However, with so many devices onboard, the speed might get slow. Just like the previous product, you are provided a cable to power the Qi wireless charger, but this time, it is USB Type-C, which is better than micro USB.

Unfortunately, you have to buy a power brick separately, which needs to be 9 V and 3 A. Luckily, you are not limited to which phone you can use with this product. It supports any iPhone or Android device that can be charged wirelessly.

At a high price tag of around $30, plus the power brick that you have to buy separately, it might seem like an expensive product, however considering the impeccable functionality you get, it is worth it in our opinion.

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