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Apple is known to make great luxury products for the masses, such as their iPads and iPhones. and it's only appropriate to match that with an equally luxurious cover. The iPad is an excellent professional tool to use, but a common problem amongst many users is that it can often bend. To avoid this problem, you'll need decent protection and what better way to protect it than using a luxurious case - the focus of this article.

What Is Luxury?

Luxury is a relative term for different people. Some might think that a high price tag makes a product luxury, while others might consider it as the feel of a product. Every person will provide their own distinct take what "luxurious" is. Here are some of the criteria we think are appropriate when evaluating a luxury product.

Material Used

The build quality of any product is the primary factor to consider. Something like silicon is commonly used in cases by manufacturers. While it provides impeccable functionality, we wouldn't categorize it as luxurious. On the contrary, something like leather or animal hide is more rarely used, therefore more luxurious. When looking for a case for this list, we made sure that the materials used matched these criteria.


Another feature of luxurious products is their design aesthetics. A decent and minimalistic look is usually considered a luxury. If your devices are too flashy, then it may be more streetwear than luxury.

Top iPad Luxury Cases

Here are the top iPad Luxury Cases you can buy right now.

Apple Leather Smart Cover

The best company to make a luxury accessory will generally be the manufacturer of the product themselves. Our first choice for a terrific luxury case is the Apple Leather smart cover. As the name suggests it is made up of leather, which is a premium material used in many products such as car seats, wallets, watch straps, etc. It does a great job protecting the iPad and against drops and bends.

The inside is made up of a velvety material to ensure protection against unwanted scratches. The case also covers the front screen of the device and opens up like a book. Opening it automatically opens the tablet as well. It also utilizes magnets, which helps when closing the cover.

You can also use it as a stand, in different positions, if you want to read something or watch a book hands-free. Since it is made by Apple, you can rest assured that the fit and quality of the material used is perfect. The design is minimalistic and comes in 2 colors - Blue and Black. It costs around $60, which might seem a bit too high, but considering it is a luxury first-party product, it is worth it.

Ztotop Case for New iPad

If you are looking for something a bit cheaper, then Ztotop has got you covered. They make a similar quality leather case as Apple, from PU or Faux leather. It isn't really considered a traditional "luxury" product, but provides a similar look and feel, although, it isn't as durable as the real deal.

Genuine leather looks better the more it is used. Unfortunately, PU leather degrades over time. It may peel off or break after a few years, but will still last a long time.

Just like the previous product, it can be used as a stand for your iPad and is excellent for impact protection. There is also an inner microfiber lining to ensure that your device doesn't rub against the inside of the case.

The case also features a book-like design with auto wake and sleep functions. You also get a loop to place your stylus, as well as a slot for any form of cards, papers, or other small items. There are several color options - Blue, Brown, and Rose Gold. For just less than $20, this case is an option you should definitely check out.

Vajacase Custom iPad Case

If you are looking for something a bit more extreme, you should check out the Vajacase Custom iPad Case. They provide a genuine leather case that can be customized according to your liking. There are practically hundreds of unique combinations that you can go with. You can choose the type of leather used inside and outside your device, as well as its color. There are multiple different styles, as well as providing varying degrees of protection. The Vajacase starts at $80 and we highly recommend checking them out if luxury is your number one requirement. You can get one for yourself here.

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