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The Best Gaming Controller for a Macbook Laptop

The Best Gaming Controller for a Macbook Laptop

Are you a gamer who is looking for a way to play your favorite games with ease? Macbooks are laptops that offer a lot of value and options for the user due to their variety of features. They are highly recommended among the gaming community and even offer cutting edge professional graphics card to enhance the gaming experience.

You can play games in high resolution to get the best experience possible with a versatile Macbook. You will also benefit from its solid-state drive that makes it a leader among laptops. Not only can you play with enriched graphics but you can get the power you need when you need it most.

You may be surprised to know that there are numerous controllers to choose from. Whether you are more focused on price, compatibility, design or quality, you have options. Here is a review of some of the leading gaming controllers on the market according to gaming gurus.

Apple MFi Certified Bluetooth Gamepad

If you have expensive taste, you should try out this model that offers antiperspirant and non-slip features so that you can play the most intense games easily with skill and the ultimate control. You will have a consistent grip while playing while it gives you the perfect fit with your finger for an accurate response while in action games. This model comes with joy stick and joy pad and costs around $60, therefore making it an ideal buy for an advanced gamer.

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick

There are many user-friendly features that were built in to this gaming controller with avid gamers in mind. It has a rotating handle, wide hand-rest, and high-precision joystick for your comfort and is highly programmable with 12 buttons and 5 axles. You can get the best of your games with this detachable, realistic sized ergonomically-designed controller with a throttle control for high intensity gaming that will only cost you $50.

Steam Controller

This is one of the most advanced, compatible and user-friendly gaming controllers that works on games from all different consoles and games that require just a mouse and keypad. You can get precise controls with its dual-stage triggers and track pads. It comes built with HD haptic feedback, grip buttons and fully-customizable control schemes to meet your needs and preferences for $50.

Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

This controller connects to your laptop with ease with its wireless connectivity options using Bluetooth or wired with a Micro-USB cable. It fits in averaged sized hands comfortably and allows you to traverse the controls without thinking about it and comes equipped with haptic feedback so you can really get into the game you are playing. On the flip side, this controller is not very compatible and does not work with most games on OS X or your Mac even though this is an affordable controller that can compliment your setup and allow you to play comfortably for hours for only $45 to $50.

Retro – Bit 8Bitdo RB8 – 64 Wireless Bluetooth N64 Styled Controller

If you want to game in style with a more retro and traditional controller from the popular N64, consider using this model that is very compatible with different consoles and devices. It has a 6 foot cable and supports a Bluetooth and USB connection to keep you connected and playing with ease. This model offers dual mode options where you can play with a joystick or touch screen simulator to be more interactive with your games for an affordable price of $40.

Microsoft Xbox One Controller

This gaming controller is one of the easier ones to set up and gets extra points because of how versatile and compatible it is. You can customize this controller so that it fits your needs or allows you to switch between controls for different games. It gives you the same controls that you are used to when playing other consoles and is available with an attached USB cable or is made to work wirelessly for a price between from $25 to $40 each.

GameSir G3s Bluetooth Wireless Controller

There is no controller on the market quite like this multi-platform model that is highly compatible with your favorite devices so that you can access your games anywhere. It offers high sensitivity and accuracy so you don’t miss a second of your game and even uses a 32-bit MCU chip with computing power up to 48 million times per second. The Realtek Bluetooth solution allows you to automatically connect and jump right into your game with ease for only a whopping $30.

Retro-Link Wired NES Style USB Controller

Have fun playing your favorite games while reliving the olden days with the NES experience that you have been longing for. You can connect this gaming controller to any computer, Mac, or USB port and all of the buttons can be configured to your playing preferences. It has a simple yet comfortable design that lets you access all the buttons at your leisure for only $20.

Choosing the Best Gaming Controller

When you want the best bang for your buck, you can choose between all of the added features of these game controllers to find exactly what will meet your needs. Whether it is design, price, or compatibility, you will find that these game controllers give you the flexibility that you demand for a modest price. With this being said, you can compare features, prices and identify what you need to advance your gaming to the next level.

If you are willing to spend a bit more money, the Apple MFi Certified Bluetooth Gamepad is ideal for you because it provides the control you dream of to play games smoothly. However, if you are going for strictly price and design, you will enjoy the simple yet durable NES style USB controller modeled after the classic NES console. The choice of what game controller will best complement your games and gaming style is solely up to you as the power is in your hands.