Best Cooling Pad For Your Overheating MacBook

We've previously covered the potential dangers and issues of letting your MacBook get too hot, and if you're interested in our full rundown, you can check out that article here: How To Prevent Your MacBook From Overheating.

In this article, we jump straight into a review of what we've found to be the most effective cooling pads for a MacBook. If you've encountered issues in the past with extreme temperatures from your MacBook (particularly on the bottom), then this breakdown should help you find a solution to keep your laptop from overheating.

As always, if your MacBook is getting too hot to touch, it is always best to take it off of your lap, place it on a flat surface, and shut it off until it cools down. You never want to risk injury to yourself or your MacBook hardware.

Now, on to our review of the top cooling pads for MacBooks in 2020!

Steklo - X-Stand

The Steklo X-Stand is a fully aluminum stand that supports all laptops up to a 17" screen size. While this isn't technically a cooling pad (it doesn't have any fans or exhaust), it still works effectively by raising the corners of your laptop, to prevent your MacBook from overheating. This allows airflow under the backplate of the computer which greatly helps in cooling it down. The biggest reason we absolutely love this product though is the compact size and portability. Cooling pads can be a hassle to pack up and travel with, but the X-Stand can easily slip into a backpack pocket when it is completely folded.

Havit - 3 Fan USB Cooling Pad

The Havit cooling pad features 3 exhaust fans that are powered by a USB connection to keep your MacBook cool. Again, this cooling pad fits laptops up to a 17" screen size. The Havit cooling pad does an excellent job at keeping laptops cool with 3 fans rated at 1,000 RPM. Despite that, it still manages to remain very quiet. The cooling pad also features raised feet to angle your laptop at a more ergonomically friendly position. The only downside to this cooling pad is the LEDs. Some may enjoy the lights, and they work well as an indicator that your fans are on and working, but they cannot be turned off.

Coolertek USB Powered Laptop Cooler

We found this laptop cooling pad to be great for people who like to work in silence. It features two Blue Big Silent Fans that are powerful enough to keep your MacBook cool. What we love about this cooling pad is that while it USB powered, it also features two additional USB 2.0 ports which means you don't lose a USB port on your MacBook. Its height-adjustable features and the non-slip surface gives you the premium working experience you would expect.

Bestand Laptop Stand with Fan

The BestStand Laptop Stand is exactly what it sounds like. Its made of high-quality aluminum alloy and has fans that can keep your MacBook cool and running. The stand comes in grey so that it matches your Macbook perfectly. It also helps to bring the Macbook up to eye level, so you can attach an external mouse and a keyboard, and can use it as a traditional Mac. It is not ideal for travel, given its weight and size, but if you're someone who works from office or even home - this is the product for you.

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