Best Car Mount For iPhone

Are you looking for a way to hold your iPhone upright while you drive? The best way to do so is by using a car mount. You can then use your phone hands-free, and concentrate on driving rather than holding your iPhone. Here are some of the best car mounts for the iPhone you can buy right now.

Reasons To Buy A Car Mount

A car mount is an excellent accessory for most iPhone users. Here are a few pros of getting one.


Navigation is arguably the most important reason for a person to purchase a car mount. Whenever driving to a new place, you need directions from Maps. The problem is that you can't hold your phone while driving!

As a result, the passenger gets the job of navigation and often, the passenger and the driver can't communicate efficiently. Of course you may not even have a passenger with you!

Either way, there's a good chance you would end up getting lost and take a lot longer to reach your destination.

With a car mount, you can look at the Maps hands-free and navigate yourself rather than rely on the person sitting beside you, or somehow trying to hold the phone and drive at the same time. This is especially useful for those looking to travel between different states or cities.


Most car mounts contain an area through which you can insert a wire to charge your phone, and some even have a wireless charger built into them. If you ever forget to charge your phone at night, you can rest assured that you will have some power when you reach your destination.


Receiving a phone call while you are trying to concentrate and drive, or park, or u-turn, or carry out some sort of other maneuver can be very annoying. Taking your phone out would be dangerous and could result in an accident. If you choose to ignore it, then you may miss something urgent. Even if it isn't important, your phone will keep ringing or vibrating, which in itself is a distraction. With a car mount, you can easily answer any calls without diverting your attention too much.


Many people choose to listen to audio on their mobile while driving. It can be an audiobook, podcast, or some music. Having you phone secured via a car mount means you can easily, and safely, manage whatever it is you are listening to.

Top Car Mounts For iPhone

Buying the perfect product can be difficult. There are so many options that it is hard to make a proper decision. Here is a list of the best car mounts in the market.

Beam Smartphone Mount Holder

One of the simplest car mounts is the Beam Electronics Universal Smartphone Mount. This is a holder that can be attached to the air conditioner vent in your vehicle. You can easily slide or slide your iPhone in and out of it using a button. 360° rotation capability is also an option, allowing you to view you phone in any orientation possible. The price of less than $10 makes it an excellent buy.

Car Phone Holder Mount, Beam Electronics Phone Car Air Vent Mount Holder Cradle Compatible for iPhone 12 11 Pro Max XS XS XR X 8+ 7+ SE 6s 6+ 5s 4 Samsung Galaxy S4-S10 LG Nexus Nokia
  • Quick Release Button: Press button on back of unit to slide open and then take out mobile phone. Press the arms on both side to clamp mobile phone again, simple of operation, save time and power.
  • 360 Degree Rotation: The fully 360-degree rotation provide you with the best viewing angle.The holder ensures safe driving whether you are talking, navigating, listening to music or charging.
  • Broad Compatibility: Passed a wide range of tests, fit for most cellphones, iPhone 7 7 Plus iPhone 6s Plus, 6s, 5s, 5c ,Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC,LG, Nexus, Nokia, GPS Device. Sturdy, cradle-less and...
  • Single-handed Operation: Simple installation and removal of smart phones. Simplistic Installation, Single-handed Operation, No Tools Needed.
  • This car phone mount holder is compatible with most all cell phone devices

iOttie Qi Wireless Charger

As previously mentioned, some car mounts have a wireless charger. One such product is the iOttie Easy Touch. There are two versions of this item. One of them can be attached to the AC vent and the other one on the dashboard or windshield. The physical features are similar to the previous item and the significant difference is the QI wireless charger.

However, there is one more feature that this holder has - you are provided with a built-in micro USB charger to charge another device. The problem with the mount is that sometimes you'll need to readjust your iPhone to make it properly align with the wireless charging coils and the price of around $50 may be a bit too much for many people, however we think that if you can afford it, the device is worthwhile.

iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Charger Vent Mount | Fast Charge for Samsung Galaxy S10 E S9 S8 Plus Edge, Note 9 & Standard Charge for IPhone XS Max XS 8 Plus & Qi Devices | + Dual Charger
  • Units can possibly have these issues if the phone is not properly aligned within the mount. We have instructions and images showing how to properly align the phone in both the Amazon listing page as...
  • EASY ONE TOUCH LOCK/RELEASE: Patented Easy One Touch mechanism allows quick one hand open and close operation. QI WIRELESS FAST & STANDARD CHARGING: Qi Wireless Fast Charge Enabled Devices will enjoy...
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING: Holds all phone and case combinations from 2.3 inches - 3.5 inches. Mount rotates 360° for optimal viewing angles
  • DUAL USB CAR CHARGER: Built in micro USB cable for Easy One Touch Wireless and extra USB port providing the flexibility to charge a secondary device
  • HASSLE FREE : iOttie offers manufacturers on all products

SCOSCHE MagicMount

Those who want more options should look towards the SCOSCHE MagicMount. It has multiple versions at multiple price points. All of them feature a magnetic plate used to hold your iPhone, as well as an iPhone stand. The most basic one can be attached to your AC vent and provides almost no other features. There are different versions like those with two USB A or USB C port, or one that can be attached to a windshield or dashboard or even a cup holder. One of these will probably suit your needs.

SCOSCHE MAGVM2 MagicMount Magnetic Vent Mount Holder for Vehicles, Black
  • PORTABLE PHONE MOUNT: Safely and quickly secure a mobile device to any vent type or use as a kickstand on table tops and can be easily moved from car to car
  • MAGNETIC MOUNT: This phone mount comes with powerful Rare-Earth neodymium magnets that provide a secure grip to your devices
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Integrated cable clip secures the charging cable to the SCOSCHE MagicMount and the cradle-free design permits safe, easy one-handed use and access to all controls and ports
  • INCLUDED IN PACKAGE: (1) Phone Mount, (2) MagicPlates, (1) Protective film, (1) Alcohol cleaning wipe and (1) User manual; Comes with 3 year warranty
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