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How to Access Region Locked Content on a Mac

If you’re only here for the good stuff, we found NordVPN to be the safest, cheapest and most reliable VPN for accessing region-locked content from your Mac. You can click here (or the image below) to visit their website. If you’re interested in learning more about accessing region-locked content on a Mac, enjoy the article below!


It’s official: streaming content has replaced physical media. However, there’s a problem–not all web users can access the same content. Different countries have restrictions on content–in some cases, these are severely restricted.

Imagine visiting a library, then finding out that you only have access to 25% of the books–you’d understandably be a little upset. Accessing regionally restricted content is also a problem for people who travel a lot, or those who want access to a country-specific news site (take the BBC’s iPlayer, for instance).

Let’s find out how you can get around these annoying restrictions, quickly and easily.

Getting Your Money’s Worth: Accessing More Online Content, Wherever You Are

The internet is one of the greatest inventions humanity has ever developed; at its best, it’s a global network that has the potential to share information and content around the world. It would be great if this was the reality, bud sadly, access to many websites are restricted, depending on what country you’re in.

If you want to bypass country restrictions on content streaming sites, you’ll need a VPN. The applications of this kind of software include viewing region blocked content on streaming video sites like Netflix, all the way to research websites and other important online resources for casual browsers and academics alike.

The Problem With “Free” and Browser-Based VPNs

In reality, there’s no such thing as a “free” VPN–even the ones that claim to be are collecting data about your browsing history (and are most likely putting your computer at a risk of cyber attacks and malware from pernicious advertisements).

The reality is that when you download a “VPN Browser”, you’re only really getting a pale imitation of a VPN, because you’re not getting a personal network. You’ll be using the same VPN as countless others, making it easy for sites to block said users–forget about accessing content that’s been blocked by region; you may actually get in trouble for violating Acceptable Use policies. Nobody has time for that!

VPNs: A Matter of Safety

As great as it is to be able to access region blocked content, there are a few other important things that only the best VPNs can provide, namely safety and privacy. It’s a sad reality of using the web these days that your online actions will never be truly safe without a VPN.

If you’re still wondering, “Why do I need to use a VPN? I’ve got nothing to hide.” Chances are, you’ve probably never sat down and read some of the online agreements you’ve made when accessing WiFi networks. One of the main agreements you’re making is that you’re on your own, and that it’s not the network’s fault if your personal information or accounts are compromised.

Chances are, you’ve performed one of the following potentially high-risk activities on your own wifi network, or even a public wifi network at a coffee shop:

  • Purchasing Products Online
  • Accessing Your Bank Account
  • Logging Into Your Email or Cloud Account

If your information wasn’t compromised, you should consider yourself lucky. In the future, you should secure your computer and personal information alike with a high-quality VPN service.

What to Look for in a VPN

Double Data Encryption

If you regularly submit sensitive information about yourself online, you need a more advanced encryption system–this means utilizing the tightest security available: double data encryption.

Privacy & Logs

If you’re going through the trouble of using a VPN, how much sense does it make to use one that logs the sites you visit when you’re online?

Fast Servers Worldwide

VPNs are designed to make it look like you’re searching from within a given territory.

Naturally then, it follows that your VPN provider needs to have high-quality, speedy servers in lots of locations around the globe.


Even though “free VPNs” are never what they claim to be, we’re guessing that you’re not made of money. Although a VPN that allows you to access region locked content is going to cost you something, that “something” should not be an arm and a leg. There are budget-friendly VPNs available–you just need to find the right one for you.

Our Recommendation: NordVPN

Is there a VPN that provides you with total anonymity and also allows you to access region locked content without charging an exorbitant amount of money? That, as we mentioned at the beginning of this piece, was our goal, and we’re happy to tell you that we’ve succeeded.

There is an incredible array of VPN providers, and frankly, most of them claim to offer the same thing. The price range varies from the “bargain basement” level (and usually “bargain basement” quality) all the way up to expensive “tricked-out” VPNs that offer lots of services you’ll most likely never need or use.

In doing our research for this piece, though, we came across a VPN that was easy-to-use, and easy on the wallet as well. That VPN? NordVPN. The right VPN is crucial for anyone whose life might take them anywhere–if you travel for business, or even if you just run a lot of errands around town, chances are you’ll want to use a public WiFi network somewhere along the line.

Whether you want to stream videos, download music, or visit any sort of geographically blocked website, you deserve the speed and security that only NordVPN can provide. Try NordVPN today by clicking the image below and see why it’s become one of the most popular VPN services in the world.